ux & UI

Our UX & UI service focuses on optimising how your customers interact with your services or products, such as your website or app, to increase conversion %. Our focus is on analysing how each and every element makes your customer feel and ultimately how easy it is for them to accomplish their desired tasks.


Disrupt CX will help you to create an easy, frictionless and meaningful experience that will both drive growth and secure customer loyalty.



We can work with you on one or all of these steps depending on what your business requires:



We review customer research to understand who your key customer personas are. We then define their primary needs and behaviours.


Customer Journey Mapping

We map out the current desktop & mobile customer journey to identify what the current pain points and opportunities for improvement are.


Best Practice Research

We analyse competitors and the latest UX trends to highlight what best practice looks like for each of the high priority opportunities identified during the journey mapping stage.


Wireframing Solutions

We map out a detailed outline of how the new desktop and mobile user experience will function. The focus at this stage will be on the user’s journey.


Designing Solutions

We design the user interface, covering everything from typography, colour palettes and layout to bring the experience to life.


Testing Solutions

We perform usability testing to identify where improvements are required and make changes accordingly. We repeat this process until we agree that the finished product is ready for the customer to use.