At Disrupt CX, we specialise in delivering our services to retail, parking and property industries. Learn more about how each of our services work below:


Disrupt CX Discover


We highlight what key actions need to be taken to improve how your company delivers its CX. To achieve this, our consultants analyse customer research findings and map out your current customer journey to perform an in-depth pain point & opportunity analysis.



Once the opportunities have been identified, we work together with your team to prioritise exactly which tasks need to be actioned first based on customer and commercial value. Once the scope is agreed on, we design the solutions required to bring each opportunity to life.



We manage the project from planning through to implementation to minimise any disruption (see what we did there). Ultimately, we work to ensure that the solutions we bring to life achieve a positive customer and commercial outcome for you.

OUR steps to delivery

Below outlines the core framework that we use to deliver each of our three services:



We analyse and collate key findings from customer feedback / research to understand who your key customers are and identify their primary needs.


customer journey mapping

For each customer type identified, we map out each step that they currently take when using your product or service. This process involves us visiting your site location or interacting with your product (e.g. website) to put ourselves in your customers' shoes.


pain point & opportunity analysis

For each journey step identified, we use the findings from our first-hand observations to pinpoint exactly what is working, what isn't working, and what could be improved. 


solution research & discovery

We undertake best practice research to discover how we can best deliver on the opportunities identified. Together with your team, we workshop which solutions strike the best balance between delivering customer and commercial value. 


DESIGN the solution/s

Once the final scope of works is defined, we design the solutions needed to deliver the project. For example, for wayfinding projects we create the sign designs and content required, or for UX/UI projects we build out the website wireframes and prototypes required.


implementing the solution/s

We manage the implementation process from start to finish. This includes developing a project delivery schedule that tracks exactly what and who will need to be required to "go live" on all solutions e.g. for wayfinding projects we manage the sign supply & installation process.

work with us

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