5 UI Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Website Or App

As many of you already know, User Interface design (or UI) is much more than just aesthetic choices. The choices you make at this level of production will hugely impact the satisfaction level of your users when interacting with your product, whether it’s a website or app.

UI design dictates the clarity and usability of your platform. So, obviously, you want to get it right.

With that in mind, we thought we’d write up a list of common errors we see in this area. If you want your users to have a positive experience, be sure to avoid these five mistakes like you would if you saw your ex at the local supermarket:

1. Design element overload

Chaotic design choices are always a bad idea. Less is (you guessed it!) more in this setting. Over-the-top colour schemes, complicated shapes and otherwise inconsistent design choices are confusing, and they’re rarely pleasant to look at. Keep it simple, my friends . You’ll thank us later.

2. What the font?!

Typographic hierarchy is an incredibly useful tool. The way we use size, spacing and weight can hugely influence how users absorb information. However, like with anything, too much can be a problem. Platforms with too much going on in the font department come across as loud and disorganised. It also makes it incredibly difficult for people to follow. Steer clear of this by prioritising simple font choices.

3. Lack of contrast is a no-no

Lack of appropriate contrast is a common mistake in this area. Sure, a simple white background might look clean, but an endless sea of white gives no suggestion of what action needs to be taken. Yeah, we know we just went on about simplicity, but there’s also a line. Too simple, and your user won’t know where they’re meant to look. It helps if you break up areas with colour and shapes to highlight key buttons or bodies of text.

4. Excessive borders are useless

Sure, they may have had a moment when Instagram first launched, but thick borders are NOT your friend. In most cases, this design choice will only make the page look cluttered and well, clumsy.

Swap this dated choice for sleeker design elements like colour shifts or drop shadows. It’ll pay off, trust us.

5. Don't get bogged down by the 'rules'

It’s obviously useful to observe the rules of design when moving through your own UI process. That’s the basis of this entire article!

However, it’s worth pointing out that creative licence is still VERY important.

Following guidelines to a tee can result in unoriginal and dull designs. The magic happens when you’re able to balance these two elements.

There you go! Your complete guide to what you should avoid in the UI design space. Did you learn something? We hope so.