We identify clear, actionable steps that your business can take to deliver the best possible experience for your customers. At Disrupt CX, our aim is to ensure that the experience you offer results in long-term customer and commercial value.

A key feature of this service is our Disrupt CX Discovery Workshops. We can run one or many workshops with your company to create a clear road map of exactly what steps needs to be taken. 



We can work with you on one or all of these steps depending on what your business requires:


Equipment, Technology & Service Review

We review the equipment, technology and services you have in place to understand how your business currently operates.


Customer & Employee Feedback

We analyse and collate key findings from customer and employee feedback to identify where there is room for your equipment and/or services to improve.


Customer Profiling

We understand who the key customers are and identify their primary & secondary requirements.


Customer Journey Mapping

We break down each stage of the journey for each of these key customers. From here, we uncover what the customer pain points are at each stage to highlight where there is room for improvement.


Discovering the Ideal Solution

We pinpoint the ideal solutions and technology that will deliver the best possible results for commercials, customer experience and data usage & storage.  


Implementing the Ideal Solution

We define the scope of works to make clear exactly what needs to be done and who will need to be engaged to execute the solutions required. This involves developing a project delivery schedule to ensure the implementation process is as seamless as possible.