At Disrupt CX we create intentional signage that delivers the experience your customers are asking for. 

We put ourselves in your customers shoes to pinpoint where signage will help them to not only make a decision, but make the right decision for what they need. 



We can work with you on one or all of these steps depending on what your business requires:


Map the Customer Journey

We perform a site walk to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. From here, we use our observations to map out each step of the customer’s journey for your site.


Determine Critical Decision Points

For each stage in the journey, we pinpoint exactly where a customer will need to make a navigation decision. This highlights where signage is required.


Map Out Messaging for Critical Decision Points

We determine what type of messaging is required and how it should be communicated for each decision point identified. e.g. what needs to be said, what symbols/images are required.


Design Messaging and Apply Branding

We choose what type of signage is required and design how the messaging will appear. This involves ensuring all design decisions are consistent with your specific company branding requirements so that the signage matches the look and feel of your site.


Supply and Installation

We manage the supply and installation process of all wayfinding signage for your site.